Before 1541 some names are recorded, but there is no continuity in the list:

Peter Pilkington

Peter Pilkington 1975-86

1259 Master Robert

1292 Master Nicholas

1306 Robert of Maidstone

1310 John Everard

1321 Ralph of Waltham

1348 Walter

1360 Walter Haye

1374 John Bocton, replaced by John of Langham

1376 Robert Reynell

1421 John Syre

1437 John Colbroke

1443 John Westhill

1445 Richard Waterton

1464 John Gedney

1502 Richard Church

c1524 John Twyne

From 1541: Headmasters of the King’s School

The Cathedral Statutes of 1541 required the appointment of a Headmaster (‘Archididascalus) “learned in the Latin and Greek languages and of good character and pious life, endowed with the ability to teach, who will train up in piety and adorn with sound learning as well the fifty boys of our school, as all others resorting to the same for the purpose of learning grammar”.

1541 John Twyne

1561 Revd Anthony Rushe

1565 Revd William Absolom

1566 John Gresshop

1580 Revd Nicholas Goldsborough

1582 Revd William Arnold

1584 Anthony Shorte

1591 Roger Raven

1615 Revd John Ludd

1649 Edward Browne

1659 Henry Montague

1661 John Paris

1665 Revd George Lovejoy

1684 Richard Johnson

1689 Revd Thomas Atkins

1700 Revd David Jones

1713 Revd John Smith

1718 Revd George Smith

1721 Revd John Le Hunt

1731 Revd John Frances

1734 Revd Richard Monins

1747 Revd Robert Talbot

1750 Revd Osmund Beauvoir

1782 Revd John Tucker

1785 Revd Christopher Naylor

1816 Revd John Birt

1832 Revd George Wallace

1859 Revd John Mitchinson

1873 Revd George John Blore

1886 Revd Thomas Field

1897 Revd Arthur John Galpin

1910 Revd Charles Robert Loraine McDowall

1916 Algernon Latter

1927 Norman Pellew Birley

1935 Revd Frederick John Shirley

1962 Revd John Philip Peter Newell

1975 Revd Peter Pilkington

1986 Revd Anthony Charles Julian Phillips

1996 Revd Keith Howard Wilkinson

2008 Nicholas Clements

2011 Peter John Martin Roberts