A selection of reminiscences will appear on this page.

George Gilbert 1809-15

George Trimnell 1809-14

W H Henslowe 1814

Anonymous on the early 1820s

Robert Biron 1839-49

An Old King’s Scholar on the 1840s

Percy Hemery 1860-65

LGH Mason 1861-67

‘Pila’ c1863

Thomas Field 1867-73

C E Woodruff 1868-75

Canon F N Crowther 1871-77

Reginald Bosanquet 1881-83

J H Smith 1884-91: the Old Masters

J M Edmonds 1899-1903

Form-Room Variety 50 Years Ago: Sydney Sopwith 1901-05

Reginald Saw 1901-03 

Bruce Money 1901-07

Harry Townend 1905-10

Reginald Moxon 1905-11

Arthur Dean 1909-18

Hugh Pitts 1910-14

Christopher Worsfold 1916-22

Charles Buckwell 1918-24

For a selection of published reminiscences, see: Memories of King’s.