Marlowe House 1982

‘Day Boys’ had been organised separately for some years – the 1863 cricket season opened ‘as usual’ with a match between boarders and day boys – and they competed in house matches from 1929.

They were first officially listed as a separate house in 1935 and named Marlowe in 1936. Marlowe closed in the War when the School was evacuated to Cornwall and was revived in 1948. Girls were in Marlowe from 1971. In 1982 a second day house, Mitchinson’s, was created by dividing Marlowe.

Housemasters: Arnold Egerton Jones (1935-36), Frank Kidd (1936-37), Geoffrey Avery (1937-40), Richard Prior (1948), John Corner (1949-54), Joslyn Owen (1954-58), Paul Pollak (1959-76), Brian Turner (1976-82), David Reid (1982-94), Roy White (1994-2006), Simon Anderson (2006-17), George Harrison (2017- )