NCOs in the OTC c1913

NCOs in the OTC c1913

From August 2014 to November 2018 the School has been commemorating the centenary of the Great War.

The School already has a Roll of Honour website with full details of the 163 boys and three masters killed in the War. See also a Roll of Honour timeline.

For an account of The King’s School Canterbury and the Great War, see:

1 Introduction;

2 A School Prepared for War?;

3 1914 Canterbury was beflagged for the Cricket Week;

4 What is going on ‘out there’;

5 All alike should ‘carry on’;

6 Casualties;

7 Some Great and Worthy Memorial;

8 Lest We Forget;

9 We have made what should become a tradition! 

It had been known for some time that several casualties were omitted from the First World War memorial plaque in the undercroft. Fourteen names have now been added – 12 OKS and two masters. The names added are as follows (the date is the year they left King’s): 1861 RSF WALKER, 1887 PC JOHNSON, 1889 BS WILLS, 1894 TWH JONES, 1902 FH LANGHORNE, 1903 MWW MATHER, 1904 HI FERGUSON, DDDK MOIR, 1906 CR TISDALL, 1907 C BATTISCOMBE, 1909 T CARLYLE, 1912 EHJ TEASDALE and two masters: HM BROWN and RE EVERITT. More names need to be added: 1884 WA [SPOONER] FORTESCUE, 1899 WF BURGESS, DC GRAHAM, 1907 JT WRIGHT, 1914 J PIPE and a master: ELR HORLEY.