The following OKS have played first class cricket:

Geoffrey Austin (Kent 1861-68)

Henry Barber (Kent 1861-64)

Ronald Binny (Europeans (India) 1940/1)

Henry Brydges Biron (Kent 1857-64)

Cecil Bodington (Hampshire 1901-02)

Thomas Bruce (Durham MCCU 2005)

Robert Hitchings Bushell (Surrey 1857-8)

Edward Collings (Somerset 1921-25)

Paul Dixey (Durham MCCU, Kent and Leicestershire 2005-12)

Harry Gardner (Army 1914)

William Giles (Rangoon Gymkhana and Burma 1926/7)

Alfred Gillow (Kent 1859-60)

John David Glennie (Cambridge University 1848)

Reginald Glennie (Oxford University 1886)

David Gower (Leicestershire, Hampshire and England 1975-93)

Claude Haines (Glamorgan 1933-34)

Bryan Hamblin (Oxford University 1971-73)

John Hellard (Somerset 1907-10)

Oliver Huyshe (Oxford University 1907)

Richard Juckes (Sussex 1924)

Wilfrid Kempe (Somerset 1919)

John Kilbee (Oxford University 1968-69)

Frederick Klinck (Transvaal 1890-93)

Henry Long (MCC 1880)

Charlie MacLeod (Bradford/Leeds MCCU 2013-14)

William Maundrell (Hampshire 1900)

Richard Mead-Briggs (Warwickshire 1946)

Robert Minns (Kent and Oxford University 1959-63)

David Moor (Oxford University 1956)

Cecil Paris (Hampshire 1933-48)

John Phillips (Oxford University and Kent 1955-57)

Ian Potter (Oxford University and Kent 1959-62)

Graham Pritchard (Cambridge University and Essex 1962-66)

Arthur Rammell (MCC 1896)

Alfred Richardson (Somerset 1895, Cambridge University 1895, 1897, Gloucestershire 1897-1901, Orange Free State 1906-14)

Jethro Robinson (Sussex and Cambridge University 1935-36)

Oliver Robinson (Sussex, England Lions 2015- and England 2021- )

Charles Rowe (Kent and Glamorgan 1974-84)

Philip Menzies Sankey (Cambridge University, Oxford University and Kent 1848-52) Also Oxfordshire, and Gentlemen of England. [Sankey played for Cambridge University against the Gentlemen of Kent while still at school.]

Philip Slater (Surrey 1911)

Edward Gibbon Swann (Kent 1843-48)

William Fox Tomson (Kent 1861)

Evelyn Toulmin (Essex 1899, 1912; also Argentina)

Charles Fitzgerald Hamilton Trueman (Ireland 1904)

Patrick Williams (Europeans (India) 1940/1)

In addition, the School’s cricket professionals have included several notable former players: Fuller Pilch (Norfolk, Kent, the Players and All England 1820-54), William Pilch (Kent, the Players and All England 1840-57), William Goodhew (Kent 1854-66), Frank Woolley (Kent and England 1906-38), Doug Wright (Kent and England 1932-57), Alan Ealham (Kent 1966-82) and Mark Ealham (Kent, Nottinghamshire and England 1989-2009).

Members of staff who have played first class cricket include: Philip Menzies Sankey OKS, Richard Greaves Hodgson (Kent 1871-74), Lawrence Bathurst (Oxford University and Middlesex 1893-99), Colin Fairservice (Kent and Middlesex 1929-36), Alan Dyer (Oxford University 1965-66) and James Graham-Brown (Kent 1974-76, Derbyshire 1977-78).