Music at Lunchtime

Music at Lunchtime

After the celebration of the fiftieth King’s Week in the previous year, it was back to ‘normal’ in 2002.

The main play was an unusual but effective choice, Lorca’s Yerma in the Mint Yard, while Oh What a Lovely War! was in St Mary’s Hall. The Removes put on John Godber’s Bouncers, one of the most exuberant and enjoyable of junior plays.

The standard of music, in a dozen concerts of various kinds, was a tribute to Stefan Anderson in his final term as Director of Music. Vocal groups ranged from madrigals and close harmony in the Serenade, via operatic arias in the Symphony Concert, to Songs from the Shows. The strings shone in the Chamber Concert, guitar accompanied the Lorca, and Camilla Pay returned to play the harp in the Serenade.

The most unusual event was surely ‘Sync ’n’ Gym’, a combination synchronised swimming in the swimming pool and gymnastics in the Sports Hall.

There was even an exhibition to celebrate the start of a King’s School Library in 1702.