The first Linacre house photograph 1954

Linacre House is now a boys’ boarding house. It is a fine Georgian building, incorporating part of the medieval prior’s lodging. Horatio Nelson’s brother William was a Canon here from 1803 to 1835, and Lady Hamilton visited him. It was later used by the Royal School of Church Music.

Linacre became a School boarding house in 1953. In the first house photograph (illustrated) the Head of House is Roger Symon, later a Canon of Canterbury and School Governor. Girls were attached to the house from 1974 to 1990.

Housemasters:  Humphrey Osmond (1953-64), Chris Millar (1964-74), David Reid (1974-76), Paul Wenley (1976), Revd Peter Allen (1976-87), Randall Thane (1987-97), Paul Teeton (1997-2008), James Outram (2008-17), Mat Lister (2017- )