Bailey House

Bailey House is now a Sixth Form girls’ house. It was a girls’ lodging house from 1979-90, before becoming a separate girls’ house in 1990. It was briefly a separate boys’ house in 1993-94 and was attached to Tradescant from 1994-2001. It was attached to Jervis House in 2001-03 and to Broughton 2003-04, before becoming a separate girls’ house again in 2004.

The gateway was built in the fourteenth century, and the main part of the house in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Next to the house is the route of the original Roman road into Canterbury, and the first Kent and Canterbury Hospital was at the end of the garden. Bailey House had been part of the former St Augustine’s College and is named after Henry Bailey, who was the second Warden of the College from 1850 to 1878. His portrait is in the Refectory.

Housemistresses and housemasters: Sheila Parker  (1979-88), Julie Exelby (1988-91), Andrea Thomas (1992-93), Stephen Graham  (1993-2001), Jan Graham (2001-02), Julia Richards  (2002-09), Neil Warnick (2009-13), Zoe Allen (2013-18), Emma Bell (2018- ).